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Message from Director NUDPHAAP, 2011-2020

It’s the time for all of us to make a real difference and to prevail road crashes and fight HIV/AIDS in the transport corridor; we at NUDPHAAP kindly request you –Government, International financial institutions, the donors community, development activists and members of the community, who are angry but silent on Road Accidents to come out to support Northern Uganda Drivers for Prevention of HIV&AIDS and Accidents Programme (NUDPHAAP) on the fight against HIV&AIDS and Accidents in the transport corridor.

You may not be aware that an estimated 1.3 million people have been killed in road crashes worldwide each year and as many as 50 million are injured. For every death, 20-30 people are disabled, many of them permanently, this includes our children, parents, relatives and friends.

NUDPHAAP generally accept that drivers have been and remain one of the key forces in the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic across the Transport corridor. The role of truck drivers in the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is rooted in the lifestyle that comes with the profession, as well as the broader social and economic societal factors.

Drivers are highly mobile and spend long hours on the road away from their families. Their need for entertainment and female companionship, coupled with relative solvency compared to the rest of the population, makes them very to use the services of commercial sex workers in stop-over towns and centres near major transportation routes.

While, a majority of truck drivers have heard of HIV/AIDS, the extent of knowledge about specific aspects of HIV/AIDS is less consistent. Several studies have attempted to elucidate the percentage of truck drivers who actually do have sex with commercial sex workers (CSWs) and if so, how often they do. Some 80 percent of the truck drivers are frequenting CSW. Commercial sex workers (CSWs) have sex with different populations of men depending on their class. Some of the CSWs' contacts are with regular partners. CSWs tend to be a highly mobile population and one of the main factors placing CSWs in high-risk categories is that they have multiple partners.

Usage of condoms is still low among the drivers and sex workers population; however, its increasing since NUDPHAAP started its operation in 2009 by distributing free condoms to its clients, Some drivers know condoms prevent transmission of HIV, STI and unwanted pregnancy but many drivers are still not aware of the proper storage techniques or proper usage.

Road crash fatality numbers are already comparable to the global deaths caused by tuberculosis or malaria. Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among the people of age between 15 and 35, and the most common cause of death for those aged between 5 and 24.

NUDPHAAP is here to reduce the number of deaths on the road, HIV/AIDS prevention and impact from road crashes through capacity building, raising awareness, sharing information and disseminations. Now we need your help to keep up the pressure, to ensure that the promises are followed by real action to make our roads safer and also to save lives for innocent people, and put to end the deaths of our children on the road by 2020.


"I say this for God and my Country, Alert Today -Alive Tomorrow"


Aims and Objectives
Background /Activity:

Most of the Accidents that have involved drivers, children and road users are due to; driving under influence of alcohol, unqualified or inexperienced drivers, bad roads, bad driving, over working of drivers, and reckless riding among others. According to the latest 2010 report by Engineer Minister of Works and Transport, reveal that at least 400 children most of whom are pedestrians, die in road accident annually, while 1.200 other survive with serious injuries every year in Uganda.

Drivers and riders have been identified as most at risk target group of people practicing commercial sex that potentially leads to the spread of HIV / AIDS among the population.

In order to promote road safety and reduce the HIV / AIDS spread, there is need to sensitize and train drivers and motor cycle riders in the region to reduce on the road accidences and HIV / AIDS spread.